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Recent publicly-available research
Michael Frank is lead author or co-author as part of a team of analysts at The Economist Intelligence Unit/Economist Impact unless noted otherwise.

The Intelligent Transformation Index is a rigorous analysis of the evolution that companies have to go through before they can start deploying AI, big data, and IoT, and considers the potential across countries and sectors for emergent technology to deploy in the near future.

In this extension of Threat assessment 2022: digital competition in global finance, Economist Impact assesses the opportunities and challenges facing traditional financial institutions and fintechs in the US. Players are navigating a complex landscape where new entrants can be both competitors and partners.

*sole author

This research considers trends in China's food supply chain relevant to security, safety and sustainability, as well as best practices from countries with world-leading supply chains that China may adopt in the near future.

This report follows up on The cost-plus world of supply chains with a specific look on the strategic implications of a greater focus on resilience and sustainability.

This report aims to highlight the potential economic losses resulting from “de-globalising” the world economy, focusing on international trade. The potential impact of emerging obstacles to trade is simulated using a Computable General Equilibrium model, focusing on three distinct scenarios for the coming decade.

This report leverages four policy-based scenarios to forecast China's emissions from the cooling sector (air conditioning and refrigeration) in 2020-30, as well as associated economic effects such as employment and output.

This report explores emerging data on the pandemic’s impact on household finances and takes stock of the damage, focusing on developing countries in Asia, as well as the prospects for recovery.

This study considers the impact of the acute phase of the pandemic on the diffision of innovation in five sectors: healthcare, media, education, transport, and government administration.

This report, based on a survey of supply chain executives, identifies the new supply chain priorities as a consequence of the pandemic, geopolitical tension, technological change, and the sustainability movement.

Threat assessment 2022: Digital competition in global finance is a report from Economist Impact, commissioned by WSO2, exploring the challenges and obstacles that banks face owning to recent technology innovation in the financial sector and rising competition from digitally native organisations in this area.


2013 American Business in China White Paper

I authored the chapter on Shanghai, providing an update on commercial, financial, and economic policy from the previous year.

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